Patrick Falso, the principal of Allegro Design, has a strategic marketing mind with vast creative design talent. That’s a rare and valuable combination.

Through years of working with Allegro, I have come to consider Patrick a creative collaborator. He is smart and consistently hits the mark. He understands the big picture, learns about our needs and finds innovative ways to help us better serve our clients.

We have used many of Allegro’s full complement of services including strategic planning, graphic design, advertising and printing and have always been impressed. Since the beginning, we developed a good, honest rapport that helped both of us grow our businesses.

Allegro always provides wonderful design concepts. We communicate well and work as an integrated team to move projects forward. I look at Allegro as an incredibly talented partner.

Sherry Winger
President, Winger & Associates
Allegro's service is distinguished by unparalleled availability, creativity, strategic thinking and complete service. They provide work of the highest quality and are exceptionally easy to work with.

We rely on Allegro for concept creation, graphic design, layout, print and production. They also support distribution of the corporate and educational training materials we develop for clients. By proactively learning what I require for my clients, Allegro has helped me save significant time when developing materials. To accomplish all of this, Allegro has strong technical knowledge and expertise. They know how to use the latest technology advancements to make projects run smoothly, within budget and deadline. Allegro's combination of creative design and full-service solutions is hard to find.

Mitch Abrams
President, QBS Telecom Consulting / TrainingVentures