Patrick Falso

President, Allegro Design Inc.

Random Facts You May or May Not Be Interested In

  • Family and friends first
  • May 8—the day I met Matt—forever changed my life
  • Great food, travel, tennis, architecture, interior design, and gardening make me happy
  • There should only be one space after periods
  • I live and work from home in a classic Chicago bungalow
  • Mom’s pie is hard to beat
  • I’m the oldest of 3 brothers
  • I studied saxophone with Dr. Fred Hemke at the Interlochen Arts Academy and Northwestern University.
  • “Good, fast or cheap. Pick two.” Kudos to Suni Hannan for these pearls of wisdom.
  • I walk quickly and love all things Italian
  • Until April 2018, I spent Friday afternoons with my neighbor Russ, sipping sherry and enjoying life. He passed away at 99 but his memory will live with me forever.