Jeremy Lew and Associates came to us in 2004 to update their existing brand. They already had a symbol that had brand recognition in Chicago’s Northshore, so we redrew it in Illustrator, developed the gray/blue color scheme, and selected the architectural letterforms for the new logo.

Ok, so we have a new logo. Now what?

After reviewing their existing materials, it was clear to us that they had great work to show and stories to tell, but terrible photos. Fortunately, Linda Oyama Bryan, one of Chicago’s best architectural photographers and a dear friend, came to the rescue.

Linda quickly gathered permissions from their clients and began shooting. With images in hand and a new logo ready to debut, we consulted with the design/build firm about which marketing mix would give them the most bang for the buck.

The Plan

After considering various direct mail and advertising options, we decided to develop a series of direct mail prospecting postcards and support those with print ads to run in local markets. Allegro handled all the mailing list rentals, printing, and provided information on which Pioneer Press ad buys would be most beneficial.